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Artist Statement

Influenced by my study of light and shadow in my black and white photography, I am inspired to explore the use of strong color in these abstract canvasses. The juxtaposition of form and freeform, light and shadow defines the free fall of color.


Though I have painted since childhood, my formal training is in photography. I enter into the process of painting in a similar manner as I do my journalistic photography. When does the photographer know to snap the shutter of the camera? Henri Cartier-Bresson best describes this as the decisive moment. In 1/60th of a second, the photographer freezes life as it passes by, and captures the stillness, a memorable image, that, to the photographer, best represents the essence of the scene - of life - in that moment.


So it is with my abstract exploration. Inspired by objects, landscapes as well as emotional and psychological content, I work with acrylic paint using palette knives, brushes and my hands. Often I begin by journaling. Writing my thoughts down helps me let go of preconceived ideas. I then might begin moving around the studio. This helps me be more centered in my body. Painting from this place is more expressive for me. When painting becomes too analytical, I return to my journal. Each mode of expression informs the next; they are not separate even though they are expressed in different ways.


The process of painting, writing and moving calms me, and helps me explore my private, inner world that can be swept under the rug, so to speak, with the responsibilities of daily life. Creativity is my sanctuary - a sacred place for each of us to share and be united by the trials and victories of our humanity.

Commission a Painting

I work with art consultants, interior designers (commercial and residential), and individuals wanting to purchase original work helping them choose the right size for the space, color palette and composition. I enjoy being a part of people's journey to collecting an original work of art. I am honored when people choose my artwork for their space, and it is a privilege to be a part of the story that helps to make a space unique and inviting. 


Contact me to learn more about how we can work together.


Still Falls Series by Michelle Baker.


Still series by Michelle Baker.

50 for 50

50 for 50 series by Michelle Baker.


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